A highlight for all colleagues

Team Trip

On the bike or simply in motion.

No matter the different levels of the participants, it will be an experience. An unforgettable adventure awaits you, your friends or colleagues.

An e-mountain bike tour on the Wexl Trails in St. Corona am Wechsel will be remembered for a long time to come, and provides the team spirit that you look for on a team-building day out.


We begin with a training session together about the most important basics of mountain biking and put what we have learned into practice straight away in a dry run on flat terrain. Then it’s off to the Alpine fun! We swing ourselves onto the bikes and ride as far up the so-called Uphill-Flowtrail as we want. The length, speed and breaks will be decided as a group. A guide will take care of participants’ concerns and share a few more tips and tricks along the way for how you can ride up the mountain with ease.

Alm Trail Gruppe


Thanks to e-mountain bikes, it does not just look like child’s play, cycling up the mountain really is a breeze. Once you have scaled the mountain, there is refreshment and rejuvenation at the rustic Alpine huts with wonderful panoramic views. Those who still have some puff left and want to continue pedalling can let off some steam and power on up to 1,743 m (5,718 ft) above sea level. If you cannot wait to start your downhill run, throw yourself into the adventure and enjoy the descent via the “Flowtrail.” A mountain bike trail that is easy to manage for everyone. Here, the guide can also give some more tips about braking technique, correct seating position and the right mindset. Because, as always, it is all in the head.

Biker Alm Aussicht Feld

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In the Erlebnisarena St. Corona am Wechsel, there is not just mountain biking on offer as an excellent option for team excursions, the motor skills park is also well worth a visit. Here, dexterity, coordination and balance are required. If you like to keep moving but do not want to break a sweat, then take a few laps on the summer toboggan run.

All these possibilities can be easily combined for groups, or paired with a wonderful hike or maintain biking tour.

Tell us your what you want and we will plan the rest! Simply fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you!

Quick Facts

Max. Participants

40 people


You can book a guide for 2-6 hours, usually 2-3 hours are good to get an introduction into basic mountainbike technique and ride some first trails together.

Required Equipment

  • bike shoes or sports shoes with a flat profile
  • bike or sports clothing
  • Rain gear in case of rainy weather
  • Sun protection

What you can rent on-site

E-Mountainbikes, mountainbikes (without E-Power), helmets, knee and elbow protection.

Bikewear, helmets, protection, gloves, goggles, socks, etc. are for sale in our shop.


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