Our tow lift - which we use in winter for skiing & snowboarding - gets a quick change in spring with a mountainbike-specific hanger. This truly special easyLOOPsystem hanger, which you simple lay onto your stem, will tow you uphill to the starting gates of many of our trails.

Nearby the lift station you will find an infoboard with explanations regarding everything you may want to know exactly about the ride on the bikelift as well as a hanger which you can try out before you start your first bikelift ride.

In case you want to have a look at it while sitting on your couch at home, here is a quick video.


It's super easy - but if you want to know exactly, here are a few tips for you:


  • drop your seat to the lowest possible height (also if it means you have to loosen a screw - our employees will help if you need it)
  • If your bike has a smooth stem on which you cannot hang our easyLOOPsystem hook, you can borrow a bikelift-strap at the cash desk. It is a velcro strap with a bolt and will not damage your stem.

Important remarks

  • Kids can only use the bikelift with a wheel size of 20 inches or larger
  • wearing your helmet during the lift ride is mandatory
  • please remove all accessories from your stem before you go to the lift station (Navigation, e-Bike Control, Phoneholder, etc. needs to be removed)

First Steps at the Entry

  • Stand stable (1 foot on the ground, 1 foot on a pedal)
  • Hold on to your handlebar, do not brake
  • Catch the easyLOOPsystem hook and hang it onto your stem
  • If you need help, just ask our employees to assist you

During the Lift Ride

  • Keep both hands on the handlebar
  • Look ahead
  • Keep both feet on your pedals
  • Do not pedal
  • Do not exit halfway, this can damage the lift system and may stop the lift

If you fall

  • leave the lift path
  • roll down the hill outside of the lift pathway or use one of our trails
  • check your bike and brakes before you head downhill


  • When exiting: do not brake. This may cause your bike to fall over.
  • Grab the hook and pull it towards yourself and let it go. It's really easy.
  • Tip! If you pedal a bit shortly before lifting the hook, it will make it a bit easier.

Kids & Family Shuttlebus

Kids who have a bike with a smaller wheel size than 20 inches cannot yet use the bikelift.

For families with kids with smaller than 20 inch bikes or with kids who are scared of riding the bikelift, we still offer a shuttlebus which takes kids & families uphill to the reservoir pond.

  • Single ride tickets available (no multiple ride blocks available)
  • A booking via Onlineticket Purchase is strongly recommended.
  • Shuttleservice is only available on the same opening days as the bikelift opens.

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