Rules guarantee the freedom of everyone and enable peaceful relations with the local community.

1. Trailpark

Trail Rules

For your own safety, we ask you to abide by the following rules of conduct. These are not only important for us, but also for the environment. Only if we take care of the forest and meadows together, can we continue to provide well laid out, built and maintained trails


Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment before starting every bike trail!


Caution – access and use of the Trail Park facilities are at your own risk!


The operators assume no supervisory duty or liability!


The transport of children in child seats (in front of or behind the rider) is expressly PROHIBITED.


Always watch your speed and make sure you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear. Be ready to break at any time.


When using the bike trails, everyone must be confident in their skills and knowledge.


Short cuts and locked rear wheels damage the trail – do not ride off the marked trails.


Be considerate of other cyclists, hikers and wildlife, and do not leave any litter behind!


If you need medical help, call: 140 or 112


Please stick to our official Opening Hours


Choose your equipment according to your cycling abilities and the trail you wish to tackle. Here is a little guidance: BIKE MAGAZINE

2. Panorama Trails

Trail Rules

Ride Far-Sighted

Always cycle at a controlled speed and so you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear, especially at curves, as obstacles are to be expected at any time (e.g., stones, branches, temporarily stored wood, grazing cattle, cattle grids, tractors / forestry machinery, authorised vehicles)!


Be considerate of other mountain bikers, hikers and pedestrians, and only overtake at walking pace!


Be considerate of the level of difficulty of the route and assess your skills and experience as a biker carefully! If you are a beginner, do not try out any difficult trails and work on your basic skills on easy trails first.


Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment before starting every bike trail (brakes, bell, light)!


Adhere to route closures and accept that this track is primarily for agricultural and forestry use! Close the gates! Please stick to the opening times! The Panorama Trails are accessible from 15 May until 1 November between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (or in autumn 4:00 p.m. - when the sun goes down). Please respect the quiet times for the wildlife and the forest.


Be considerate towards nature and wildlife, do not stray from the marked route, refrain from cycling off the open tracks and finish your bike ride before dusk. Do not leave any litter behind!

Only ride with valid trail ticket


The trails are our product! We have invested time, energy, know-how and our own money into them.

The “Wexl Trails” cannot be financed by one cable car. Besides, we believe that mountain biking is not about riding uphill in the lift, but about casual trails and tracks.

And here we come to the point: top priority is the quality of the routes and expansion of the trail network. This priority costs money – that is clear to everyone. But to even think about this priority, many more things have to happen beforehand. Talks with residents, landowners and foresters need to be held to raise awareness about the project and to map out the possibilities. Please always keep “togetherness” in mind when you are out in nature. Landowners and foresters in the Weschel area were concerned about finding a solution, as they should be able to go about their work in peace and without any additional risk. Therefore, the willingness to compromise was high and the casual trails are the outcome.

Planning is ongoing, which requires a lot of know-how and good people – which we have, and which cost money.

Once the foundations have been laid, construction of the track can begin, and this is hugely expensive. A trail is manual work! No trail-building is possible without shovels, rakes and machinery such as excavators, which cost money and nerves.

But it is fun – we all have fun doing it. Whether building trails or cycling down them – mountain biking is our passion. So you can enjoy the perfect fun conditions that you expect, the trail entrance fee is required.

The trail ticket contributes to covering the costs of planning, development and building. On top of that, it also finances the rent for the landowners and our insurance. So, it’s for all of us.

Therefore, our one big request: check out trail tickets at the various sales outlets! The network of sales outlets has been expanded for you, to make your access to tickets even easier. Moreover, “frequent riders” are rewarded with a special season ticket price.

We would point out that visiting the Wexl Trails without a valid trail ticket and thereby failing to comply with this regulation may result in a notice of disturbance from the landowner.

So, please stick to the marked routes and check your trail ticket. Ride on and keep on smiling!


Ride smart. Progress. Stay safe.

Trail Progression

Is it your first time on mountainbike trails, in a trail center or in our Wexl Trails trailpark?

Then take it easy first, ride some fun green (super easy) Trails first, before you take on more difficult sections.

If you feel very confident on blue (easy) trails and already feel like a pro jumping over small tables and riding berms a bit faster, then you are ready to take a look at red (intermediate) trails. Red trails will have steep, rooty, rocky sections. This will take some practise and a cautious approach.

Just follow our Trail Progression and work your way up from green trails to the more difficult ones.

Are you generally not yet 100% sure how to get going or tackle a difficult section, ask a coach and book a training to learn or revise the basic mountainbiking techniques.


The Ambulance App

App 144

The emergency APP for outdoor athletes in Lower Austria.

Safety always comes first for us at Wexl Trails. Therefore we really recommend the APP 144. In case of an emergency it must be easy and fast to call an ambulance.

With the app, you just need to presse the 144-Button in the App and automatically position, name and personal data are sent to the emergency call center to send an ambulance to your location.