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Beginner & Family Tour


Difficulty: Easy

perfect for beginners

Is it your first time in a trailpark and you want to try something sporty but yet in your comfort zone? Then we have the perfect little circuit for you which will make you sweat a bit, but offers a smooth and easy downhill ride.

Tip! If you are on your way up and had already had enough of pedalling uphill, can take a quick break at the Saalbach gondola resting spot closeby the bikelift exit before heading downhill on the Bergabradweg.



approx. 300 meters in altitude uphill and downhill

Entry point:

848 m (Trail Center)

Highest Point:

Reservoir pond 1158m


in total approx. 9 km

What to bring with you:

  • Mountainbike (Hardtail oder Full-Suspension, in running condition)
  • Helmet & protectors
  • Bike clothing + rain clothing
  • a spare bike tube & pump
  • sun protection
  • multitool
  • water
  • cereal bar or a little snack

A valid trail entry ticket which can be booked online, at the ticket kiosk or the cash desk.

The route in detail


Start from the Trailcenter onto the Uphill Flowtrail (it is an uphill singletrail, rather narrow mountainbike uphill track with occacional roots and rocks). Follow it past the bikelift ext station further up until you reach the reservoir pond.

Trails downhill:

Right next to the pond, the Flowtrail (blue/easy) starts and winds itself with curves, berms and over roll-able tables downhill through the forest.

Once you arrived at the bikelift exit, you can choose to either follow the Flowtrail or take the Bergabradweg (green/super easy) with its smooth long corners and wide tracks until it ends at the starting point.

Insider Tip: the Bergabradweg comes by our summer toboggan where you can buy delicious regional Eisgreissler icecream at the Kronaushütte :)


Beginner & Family Tour


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