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Trailpark Tour


Difficulty: Intermediate

good driving skills required

The perfect short tour with many metres of trails for a casual day on the bike with friends. If you want to take a break along the way, head to the Herrgottschnitzer Hütte.

Hint! Save a few metres of climb with a lift ascent.

Quick Facts


approx. 590 meters in altitude uphill and 590 meters in altitude downhill

Lowest Point:

848 m (Trail Center)

Hightest Point:

1430 m


in total approx. 13 km

What to bring with you:

  • Mountainbike (Hardtail oder Full-Suspension, in running condition)
  • Helmet & protectors
  • Bike clothing + rain clothing
  • a spare bike tube & pump
  • sun protection
  • multitool
  • water
  • cereal bar or a little snack

A valid trail entry ticket which can be booked online, at the ticket kiosk or the cash desk.

Details of the tour


Starting from the Trail Centre via the Uphill Flowtrail (uphill single trail, narrow mountain bike uphill stretches with intermittent roots and stones) we pass the bikelift exit station, the reservoir pond and the Almraushütte to continue on the Kampsteiner Schwaig Route until we reach the start of the Almrauschtrail (8a).

Trails downhill:

First we cruise down the Almrauschtrail (blue/easy) across roots and soft forest ground until we come back to the Almrauschhütte.

You can take a drinking break and fill up your water bottle at the fountain or get a cold dring which the former host of the Almrauschütte prepares for guests passing by. Just leave him some Euros in his box, it always - very positively - surprises him, that people honestly pay for the drinks he leaves in the fountain. If you are lucky you may meet him in person, he always has a joke or funny annectote on his lips and is never to busy for a quick chat.

Afterwards you start into the upper part of the Singletrails - which goes through corners over roots, rocks and steep bits downhill. If you find this too challenging you can also take the forest road downhill. After several corners - but a still a good distance above the pond - you will cross a forest road which leads to the Herrgottschnitzer Hütte to the right. Take it and pedal very easily some meters uphill to the Herrgottschnitzer Hütte (which is a wonderful place for a longer lunch break by the way...).

From there, our Herrgottschnitzer Trail rolls downhill through the woods until you come back to the Singletrail intersection.

Take the Singletrail downhill until you come back to the starting point.

Tip: At the bikelift exit you can also take the Flowtrail or if you have advance riding skills the Jumpline (Jumping skills required!) or the Downhill Line (black/difficult & for experts only).


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