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Feel the flow

Flowtrail 6


Difficulty: Easy

Suitable for beginners

Whether you are an enthusiastic Freerider, an E-MTB beginner or a motivated kid, the de-rooted 4.5 km (2.8 mi) long Flowtrail with easy banked curves puts a grin on everyone’s face. Freedom along the lines of “surfin’ trails.” Along its route, there are plenty of rest points and passing places, so you can still enjoy the view whilst snacking on your blueberries.

For the smart ones: if the curves get tighter, pay attention to the shape of the trail! A little hint: our heart beats for every mountainbiker

Kurve Bikerin Wald
Bäume Trail Mountainbiker
Hügel Bäume Trail
Blätter Kurve Mountainbiker

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