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Jumpline 30


Difficulty: Intermediate

Jump Skills required

The Wexl Trails Jumpline lets you fly high and is referred to by some as the mini A-Line at Whistler. Rightly so, as tables, shark fins, road gaps and much more fun and games to make any airtime-lover’s heart beat a little faster. The line can be reached by the bikelift or via the Uphill Flowtrail. The start is at the so-called “Heidelbeere” (“blueberries”).

For your and your children’s safety, we would like to advise you: please do not underestimate the Jumpline. It was built safely, no question about it, but nothing is safe without the necessary experience. The Flowtrail offers plenty of jumps to practice and if they work out, then pay the Jumpline a visit. 😉

#30 Jumpline

GPX-Data for download:

Saftey rules

  • Caution: some sections have large jumps
  • Only for advanced riders
  • Safe jump technique required

  • Maintain sufficient distance behind other riders
  • Keep jump and landing areas clear
  • Minimum age 10 years

Jump right in!


Rampe Sprung Mountainbiker
Wald Schanze Springen
Baum Tor Schild Trail
Rampen Biker Sprung
Wald Sprünge Hügel

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